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CIC Daily Mass Schedule

NEW CATHECHISM & MASS SCHEDULE FOR YEAR 2014 (Weekends as Friday and Saturday)

Day Cathecism Time
Way of the Cross Time
Mass Time Language

Skudai Catholic Centre
SUNDAY - - 7.00am (E) English Day Mass Time Language
MONDAY - - 6.00pm English Every Saturday 7.30pm English / Bahasa
TUESDAY - - 6.00pm English Every 2nd & 4th Saturday 5.00pm Mandarin
WEDNESDAY - - 6.00pm Engilsh Every 2nd & 4th Sunday 8.30pm Tamil
THURSDAY - - 6.00pm English 1st Sunday of the month 10.30am Myanmar
8.30pm 9.00pm Mandarin
FRIDAY - 5.30pm 6.00pm English
8.00pm - 9.00pm







4.00pm - 5.00pm






6.00pm - 7.00pm -


8.30pm - 9.30pm - 7.00pm Mandarin

 There will no 6:00pm Mass effective January 2014
The above schedule will be reviewed and revised after six months.


South Johor Mass Schedule for Palm Sunday & Holy Week 2014

Church Palm Sunday 17/4 Maundy Thursday 18/4 Good Friday 19/4 Easter Vigil 20/4 Easter Sunday
Sacred Heart Cathedral 12/4  6:00pm (E)
13/4  7:45am (E)
13/4  9:45am (M)
13/4  6:00pm (E)
8:00pm (E/M) 2:30pm Stations & Service (E)
5:30pm Stations & Service (M)
7:30pm (M)
11:00pm (E)
7:45am (E)
9:45am (M)
6:00pm (E)
Immaculate Conception 11/4  8:30pm (T)
12/4  5:00pm (E/BM)
12/4  8:00pm (M)
13/4  7:00am (E) 
8:30pm (ML) 1:00pm Stations & Service (BM/E)
5:00pm Stations & Service (T)
8:30pm Stations & Service (M)
5:30pm (E/M)
8:30pm (T)
8:30am (E/BM)
Skudai Catholic Centre 12/4  7:30pm (ML)
13/4  8:30pm (T)     
8:30pm (ML) 8:30pm Stations & Service (ML)    8:30pm (ML)  -
St Joseph, Plentong 12/4  5:30pm (E)
12/4  8:00pm (M)
13/4  8:00am (M)
13/4  8:00pm (BM)
8:00pm (ML) 7:30pm Stations & Service (ML) 8:30pm (ML) 10:00am (ML)
St Teresa's, Masai 12/4  6:00pm (E)
12/4  8:00pm (T)
13/4  8:00am (BM/E)
13/4  8:30pm (BM)
8:00pm (ML) 3:00pm Stations & Service (E)
5:00pm Stations & Service (T)
8:00pm Stations & Service (BM)
7:30pm (ML) 8:00am (BM/E)
8:00pm (BM)  
Holy Family, Ulu Tiram 12/4  6:00pm (E)
12/4  8:00pm (BM)
13/4  8:30am (M)
13/4  8:00pm (T)
8:00pm (ML) 3:00pm Stations & Service (ML) 7:00pm (T)
10:00pm (BM/E/M)
8:30pm (M)    
Christ the King, Kulai 11/4 8:30pm (T)
12/4 6:00pm (E)
12/4 8:30pm (BM)
13/4 9:00am (M)
8:30pm ML 2:30pm Stations & Service (M/E)
5:30pm Service (T/BM)
9:00pm ML 9:00am (M/E)
11:00am (T/BM)
St Joseph, Bkt Batu 13/4 8:00pm (M) 8:00pm (M)  -  -  -
OL of Lourdes, Pkn Nanas 13/4 5:00pm (M) 8:00pm (M)  -  - 6:00pm (M)
Immaculate Heart of Mary  -  -  -  - 6:00pm (M/E)
St Elizabeth, Kota Tinggi 12/4  8:15pm (ML) 8:15pm (ML) 8:15pm Stations & Service (ML) 8:15pm (ML) 8:15pm (ML)
St Peter's, Mersing 12/4  10:30am (BM/E) 6:00pm (BM/E) 6:00pm Stations & Service (BM/E) 8:00pm (BM/E) 10:30am (BM/E)

 * BM - Bahasa Malaysia, E - English, M - Mandarin, ML - Multi-Language, T - Tamil

8:00pm (E/M)


We, the Priests of The Church of the Immaculate Conception (CIC JB) welcome you to our website. This historic and the oldest church of Johor Bahru was built in the year of 1927 by the late Rev. Fr. C. Saleilles, M. AP. The original church was built in the year 1883 and was named as “Our Lady of Lourdes”. CIC JB is an active centre of Catholic life and prayer in the heart of Johor Bahru City. The Roman Catholic priests continue their tradition of preaching, personal instruction, sacramental life and pastoral care extending well beyond the geographical boundaries of Johor Bahru.

We hope that you will find in these web pages much to inspire you in your Catholic life and we warmly invite you to complement this virtual visit with a personal visit in the near future.

May God bless you and all those dear to you.

Yours in Christ

Mgsr James Rajendran
Parish Priest

Father Benedict Yee

Priest in residence

Father Ignatius Huan

Priest in residence



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