CIC English Choir

The CIC English choir was established on the 24th February 2014 under the direction of Angie & Tina.

Choir practice is on Thursday nights from 8.00pm – 10.00pm in church or in the hall.

The choir began with a handful of parishioners and has since grown in numbers. We now have a choir strength of 40 members that form the Junior choir and the Senior choir. The choir sings every Saturday at the 6.00pm Sunset mass and also at multi-lingual masses.

The choir has performed at church functions like the Family day. The Junior choir has performed for Mother’s day and Father’s day and at the Appreciation dinner. The choir comes together when there is work to be done like Palm Harvesting, preparation of Mother’s day gifts.

The CIC choir is very much a family orientated choir as it is made up mostly of families coming together to praise and glorify God. A  sense of belonging keeps us together. We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with a fellowship once a month after choir practice. We also maintain a chain of communication for updates and feedback on choir matters and also on family life.

Main criteria to join the choir is commitment, dedication and the ardent desire to learn and to serve God through song and music.

We are a team. We are family.

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